A drugs haul with a street value of £3m (€3.5m) has allegedly been found in the possession of two Britons in the southern Spanish holiday spot of Alicante, Costa Blanca.

The individuals, one of which is male, have been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking following a recent operation commenced by Spanish police investigating suspect activity at Alicante airport.

Police found the drugs stash, reportedly found in a sack of socks, and claimed it contained "a strong synthetic cannabinoid" whose effects on the body were "80 times stronger than that of one gram of traditional cannabis".

It is alleged that the drug was initially dissolved in water before being put inside a cigarette.

One of the suspects, aged 36 and whose gender is not known, was arrested at a bar in El Campello that is popular among British tourists.

A man, aged 37, was detained at Alicante airport while he was allegedly attempting to flee the country 48 hours later.

The drugs are thought to be similar to "zombie" drugs such as "spice" and "black mamba", which have been found in the UK recently and causes users to act sluggishly and pass out.

A spokesman for the Alicante Civil Guard said the first man arrested had intended to collect the drugs, which posed "a serious danger" to potential users

"The undercover surveillance operation led to the arrest of a 36-year-old man from England as he went to pick them up. Its consumption is a serious danger for the human body.

"Investigators have discovered his job was to pick up deliveries for the organisation that imported the drug.

"The other Brit, aged 37, was arrested two days later at Alicante airport as he prepared to flee the country."

Alicante Airport
One of the Brits had reportedly attempted to escape from the country before his arrest at Alicante Airport