Two of the biggest asteroids to meet each other in a close encounter in the sky this weekend. Loretta Kuo

Sky gazers are in for a treat this weekend as two monster asteroids, named Ceres and Vesta, will have a close encounter in outer space.

Discovered more than 200 years ago, the two beasts from the asteroid belt are racing and looping across the Virgo constellation, the National Geographic reported.

According to the website, the celestial duo have remained visible through binoculars and small telescopes since spring this year and they are now visible in the southwestern evening skies.

Ceres and Vesta are expected to reach closest to each other in the evenings of 4th and 5th of July and will later drift apart by only ten arc-minutes.

Scientists, however, claim that there is no need to panic about any possible collision of the giant beasts of the sky. Due to their positioning and distance from the earth, they appear extremely close to each other giving the impression of an asteroid smash.

NatGeo reported that the asteroids are actually some 46 million miles (74 million kilometres) away from each other in space. offers a comprehensive finder chart with tips to help sky gazers witness the historic celestial event.

The two monster asteroids, Ceres and Vista, will get separated after July 5 but will remain visible through binoculars until July 11.