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Champions League group draw

  • Manchester City drawn against Barcelona and Celtic in exciting-looking Group C.
  • Leicester City will face Copenhagen, Porto and Club Brugge in Group G.
  • Arsenal will play Paris Saint-Germain in Group G.
  • Tottenham drawn against Leverkusen and CSKA Moscow.
Champions League trophy
Real Madrid are the current holders of the Champions League trophy Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

So, in conclusion...

That means another tasty couple of ties in Group C, because it will see Celtic play Barcelona, Manchester City and Mönchengladbach.

Brendan Rodgers
Brendan Rodgers is the new Celtic manager Getty Images

And the final two groups are completed as follows:

  • Bayern, Atlético, PSV, Rostov
  • Benfica, Napoli, Dynamo Kyiv, Beşiktaş

And what of Group H? Well, here's your answer...

Monaco are into Group E, which also features CSKA Moscow, Leverkusen and Spurs. Another favourable draw for an English club, that.

The Polish side Legia are in Group F, joining Real Madrid, Dortmund and Sporting Lisbon.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale will be a key player for Real again this season Getty Images

Copenhagan now. The Danes are in Group G. Leicester's group - and one they will be exceedingly pleased with, I fancy.

The first team in pot four is Ludogorets, who are drawn in Group A. They will play against Arsenal, PSG and Basel.

Are you still with me? Here comes Roberto Carlos for the fourth and final phase of this Champions League group stage draw.

The Brazilian is sharing his thoughts on the Galactico era at Real Madrid before the real business starts.

Real Madrid Roberto Carlos La Liga Birmingham Championship England Left Back Brazil
Roberto Carlos starred in the Champions League with Real Madrid Reuters

That means Mönchengladbach will face Manchester City and Barcelona in Group C. Guardiola is going back to Spain and Germany in his first campaign as City's boss.

Basel, now ... and they are drawn alongside PSG and Arsenal in Group A.

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger will want his side to impress in France Getty Images

Brugges of Belgium now. And they're in Leicester's group. The Foxes have landed in their feet here. They will face Porto and Brugges, which looks helpful.

Claudio Ranieri
Claudio Ranieri will lead the Foxes into the Champions League Getty

Van Nistelrooy draws one of his former clubs, PSV Eindhoven. Who will they draw? Group D, where they will find Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. Another fierce group, that.

Dynamo Kiev is drawn into Group E, where they will play Benfica and Napoli. A fairly weak-looking group, that.

The next team is Spurs - and they can only be in Group E. The Londoners will face CSKA Moscow and Leverkusen, which seems to be pretty favourable.

Next, it's Sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo's former club are in Group F, meaning they will face Real Madrid and Dortmund. Good luck with that one, eh.

And the first team out is ... Lyon. They're in Group H, which also includes Juventus and Sevilla.

Another line-up change now, as Ruud van Nistelrooy emerges for the third phase of the draw. It's a star-studded team, if nothing else.

The Dutchman is busily discussing the instinct of goalscoring - something he knows a lot about. Time for pot three, then, which includes Spurs, Lyon and others.

Harry Kane
Harry Kane is Spurs' main man Getty Images

A big clash now: Bayern Munich will face Atletico Madrid - a mouthwatering tie, that.

Oh, wow. Manchester City will be drawn against Barcelona - and that means Pep Guardiola will be heading back to the Nou Camp.

Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola is City's new manager Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Napoli, now, and they are drawn in the same group as Benfica. Meanwhile, Bayer Leverkusen will face CSKA Moscow.

Arsene Wenger's Arsenal are drawn by Henry. They will face ... Paris Saint-Germain in Group A. "Not bad," says Henry.

Angel Di Maria
Angel Di Maria will return to England with PSG Getty

Dortmund feature next. Who will the eye-catching Germans draw? Real Madrid, that's who.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a key man for Dortmund Getty

Now, it's Sevilla's turn and they are drawn against Juventus. And exciting couple of games, there.

Porto come out of the metaphorical hat - and it's Group G. That's Leicester City's group. The Foxes ought to be quite happy with that, to be honest. It could have been a lot worse.

Another big-name guest emerges for the next stage of the draw, Thierry Henry. As much as I admire the ex-Arsenal man, Uefa really are dragging this out. I'm sure the fans just want to know who they will face.

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry won the Champions League with Arsenal Getty Images

To complete pot one, then: CSKA Moscow are drawn in Group E, Paris Saint-Germain in Group A and Juventus in Group H.

Now time for the real business.

Gonzalo Higuain
Gonzalo Higuain recently left Napoli to further bolster Juventus' formidable squad FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images

Real Madrid - the 11-time champions - are drawn in Group F, while five-time winners Bayern Munich go into Group D.

As I said, though, all of this is of little consequence for the time being. But anyway, Benfica go into Group B.

Carlo Ancelotti
Carlo Ancelotti is looking to win the Champions League with a third club Getty

Finally, we're under way in Monaco. Seedorf draws the name of FC Barcelona and they will go into Group C.

And now it's time for ... Leicester City, who are described as the "unexpected winners" of the Premier League. No kidding. Anyway, the Foxes are drawn in Group G, which doesn't mean anything as of yet.

Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy will be key to Leicester's hopes Getty Images

Liverpool are not in the tournament this season - but their legendary striker Ian Rush is set to play a major role in the draw.

Rush has been selected, in part, because the final is being staged in Cardiff in 2017. Rush is joined by Clarence Seedorf, who is the only man to have won the coveted trophy with three different clubs.

AC Milan vs Barcelona
Clarence Seedorf (right) is a Champions League legend Reuters

Of course, the focus is mainly on the draw itself, but Uefa have also decided to turn this into a bit of an awards do, too. Hence why the likes of Ronaldo and Bale are also in attendance.

Right, we've had the iconic theme tune. Not too long now until we discover who will play who in the Champions League.

As ever, there is plenty of excitement surrounding the draw.

The great and the good of European football are now gathered in Monaco for the eagerly-awaited draw.

The event is scheduled to get under way in a few moments, though we're bound to have some speeches and a glitzy video beforehand.

For the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City, this is a familiar feeling for their fans, who are used to facing Europe's best sides.

But for Leicester, this is something brand new. How will the Foxes fare in the Champions League? We'll find out over the next few weeks...

Best and worst case scenario for Premier League clubs

Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as Bayern Munich, are the early favourite's for this season's Champions League crown. But what of the English sides?


Best scenario: CSKA Moscow, Club Brugge, FC Copenhagen

Worst scenario: Barcelona, FC Basel, Celtic

Leicester City

Best scenario: Bayer Leverkusen, Club Brugge, Ludogorets Razgrad

Worst scenario: Atletico Madrid, FC Basel, Celtic

Leicester City
Leicester City are the current Premier League champions AFP

Manchester City

Best scenario: CSKA Moscow, Club Brugge, Ludogorets Razgrad

Worst scenario: Barcelona, FC Basel, Celtic

Tottenham Hotspur

Best scenario: CSKA Moscow, Bayer Leverkusen, Ludogorets Razgrad

Worst scenario: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Celtic

Group stage fixtures

The exact dates of each team's fixtures will be determined after the draw. But the match days for the six group matches are as follows:

  • 13–14 September: Matchday one
  • 27–28 September: Matchday two
  • 18–19 October: Matchday three
  • 1–2 November: Matchday four
  • 22–23 November: Matchday five
  • 6–7 December: Matchday six
Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winning penalty
Cristiano Ronaldo led Real Madrid to glory in May Getty Images

The pots

Pot one: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Leicester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, CSKA Moscow

Pot two: Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Sevilla, FC Porto, Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Manchester City

Pot three: FC Basel, Tottenham Hotspur, Dynamo Kiev, Lyon, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Club Brugge, Borussia Monchegladbach

Pot four: Celtic, Monaco, Besiktas, Legia Warsaw, Dinamo Zagreb, Ludogorets Razgrad, FC Copenhagen, FC Rostov

The Format

The teams are drawn into eight groups of four teams labelled A to H, where they will play each other twice over six matchdays.

The sides are taken from four pre-determined pots which are assembled based on each club's Uefa coefficient – which is based on their results in European competition over the last five seasons.

The exception is pot one, which compromises exclusively of the defending champions from the previous season as well as the seven title winners from the top leagues in Europe.

The protected teams are the league winners from Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Russia.

Still with me? Well, the teams are drawn in pot order and initially positioned in order of the pot from which they came.

It is important to remember, too, that no two teams from the same country can be drawn against one another, while sides from Russia and Ukraine are also kept apart for political reasoning.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid will be bidding to becoming European champions for a record 12th time. Getty Images

Good afternoon/evening and welcome to IBTimes UK's coverage of the Champions League draw for the group stages of the 2016/17 season.

There is, of course, plenty of British interest in this, with Arsenal, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City involved, as well as Scottish champions Celtic.

The draw is due to start at 5pm, so stay tuned.