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Soaring housing costs are to blame for millions of young people living at home but only 4% are unhappy with living their parents while 62% claim to be content with their living arrangements.

According to new research by Experian, a quarter of young Britons have no immediate plans to fly the nest, while around a third of youngsters hope to leave within the next year.

"The research paints a true picture of the reality faced by the 3 million young adults living with their parents in the UK today," said Peter Turner, managing director at Experian Consumer Services UK&I.

"Whether you are happy to stay put for the time being, saving for a mortgage, or hoping to move out into rented accommodation in the near future, it's important to start planning for your financial future.

"This means not only saving your money, but also building a good credit rating so that if you do need a helping hand in the future, your credit report will paint the best picture possible of your financial situation when you apply for credit."

UK house prices have consistently hit fresh highs over the last year or so and rental costs have hit a six year high.

The research shows that a third of survey respondents cite the high cost of rent as the most common reason for living at home while over a fifth are planning for their future and living at home to save for a mortgage (22%).

Some 17% are living at home as they are still in full-time education.

"For young people still living at home, now is the time to start building a healthy credit score so that you can use it to help you on the next step of your journey when the time is right," said Turner.