Esther McVey
Conservative Party MP Esther McVey is the UK government's employment minister Reuters

Young jobseekers across Britain do not have to drop their regional accents to find work, according to the UK's employment minister.

Esther McVey, a Conservative Party MP from Liverpool, also told IBTimes UK that her accent has not held her back in politics.

"There is a whole host of people that have got an accent like mine, whether they're from Merseyside or Wales or the North West. We just need people who reflect other people," McVey said.

"Has my accent held me back? I don't believe it has at all, I think it can be a colourful accent."

McVey warned that "people make judgements across the board", whether you have an accent or not.

"If people want to change it because they don't feel they like their accent, then that's fine – so long as you are doing it for you and what you want to do. But do I think you need to do it? No I don't," McVey said.

The comments come after the Office for National Statistic said that the UK youth unemployment rate dropped to 16.6% in the three months to July.

In comparison, the country's total unemployment rate fell to 6.2%.

The Internet Age

A mentor speaks to a mentee at the IoD Ian Silvera

The employment minister, speaking at a speed networking event for young unemployed people co-hosted by the Institute of Directors and the Department for Work and Pensions, also told IBTimes UK that the internet has opened up opportunities for young people.

But McVey also stressed the importance of "people skills" for young people looking to enter the world of work.

"You can set up a business from your own home now, you can do it online." McVey said.

"It's opened up opportunities that most people 20, 30 years ago wouldn't have had.

"However, a lot people have said to me – and I believe it myself – humans do like human contact too.

"If you are wanting to reach out and understand on that one-to-one level, it's important that you do these kinds of events.

"Most industries that you will be working with, you will be working with people – you have to have people skills."