Lottery winner Ryan Hoyle, 38, shared his blessings over the New Year by treating seven friends to a luxury week-long holiday in Dubai. Hoyle won £58 million at the EuroMillions lottery earlier this year, but had to wait several months before he could splurge and celebrate with his friends because of the coronavirus lockdowns.

Hoyle is a self-employed joiner who lived a modest life before winning the lottery back in April. He had previously been able to travel only to Magaluf and Benidorm on the customary stag parties enjoyed by many English men.

This time around, his trip with his pals was several notches above what they are used to. According to The Sun, Hoyle treated his pals to first-class flights, penthouse suites at a five-star hotel and overflowing bottles of champagne worth £1,700 a bottle. The extended party was part of their celebrations to welcome the New Year.

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Hoyle and his friends all struggled with the financial strain brought about by the job uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic that continues to rock the world. However, after winning the lottery in April, Hoyle was able to start sorting out a plan to help his family. He also decided to lift his friends' spirits.

"Covid's made things tough for everyone so it was great to be able to get away and have a party. I've known all the lads for around 20 years and wanted to treat them to a trip they'd never forget," he said.

He and his friends checked in at the Five Jumeirah Village Hotel where they occupied two penthouse suites. The accommodations alone set Hoyle back around £20,000.

They didn't spend all their time at the penthouse, as The Sun shared photos from a fun night Zero Gravity beach bar and club, where famous celebrities such as Justin Bieber are known to have been spotted in the past.

Their chosen poison for the evening included bottles of Laurent Perrier champagne worth £1,700 and Ciroc vodka valued at £1,700.

Hoyle's friends have nothing but kind words for their generous friend. Despite now being a multi-millionaire, his friend Peter Garry says that Hoyle is the same guy. "He's the best friend anyone could have. There's never been anything flash about him and the win hasn't changed him a bit - he's still the same great guy."

Hoyle has an 11-year-old daughter and with whom he is planning a trip to Disney World Florida once the threat of the coronavirus pandemic has eased. He has also decided to help his mother ease into early retirement so she could have a hip surgery that she has been putting on hold.

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