The UK’s popularity as a work destination has declined since last year's Brexit vote Reuters

Britain remains the most popular country to work in among European jobseekers who are looking for a job abroad despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, a fresh study has suggested.

Job site Indeed analysed the online search patterns of millions of jobseekers across 15 EU countries and found that nearly a third of those looking for work in another country preferred Britain.

However, the study also found that the UK's popularity as a work destination had "substantially" declined since last year's EU referendum vote, with the likes of Germany, Luxembourg and the Republic of Ireland rapidly gaining ground.

"For much of the past decade, Britain's dynamic labour market has made it a poster boy for ambitious Europeans keen to progress their careers," Mariano Mamertino, an economist at Indeed, said.

"Last year's Brexit vote hasn't stopped that attractiveness in its tracks, but it is clearly giving many European jobseekers pause for thought."

Indeed also said that many British job seekers were making plans to work in Europe, with the job site tracking a 15% increase in the proportion looking for work in the EU between 2015 and 2017.

"Britain remains a net importer of talent from the EU, but the surge of interest in European roles among UK-based job seekers suggests the cross-Channel traffic is no longer just a one-way street," Mamertino added.