The UK government will help establish an independent review into how police and security services dealt with recent terrorism attacks in London and Manchester, Amber Rudd announced on Thursday 22 June.

The home secretary, speaking in the House of Commons, told MPs that Britain faces a "new phase" of global terrorism and that David Anderson, the former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, will oversee the investigation.

"We now believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face," she said. "Between June 2013 and the Westminster Bridge attack in March this year, the security services foiled 13 plots linked to or inspired by Islamist extremists.

"But since just then, we have seen five plots prevented as well as three such Islamist extremist plots succeeding and the appalling attack of course on Finsbury Park earlier this week. We must do more."

Rudd added: "We should follow the example of the traders and the shoppers of Borough Market. What terrorists want is for us to fear and turn in on one another.

"But we will never give terrorists what they want. We will stand together and we will make the point that terrorists will never win. That our values, our country, our unity will prevail."

The Home Secretary's statement to the Commons follows the knife and vehicle Westminster Bridge attack in March, the suicide bombing of Manchester Arena in May, another van and knife assault on London Bridge/Borough Market on 3 June and a van attack in Finsbury Park on 19 June.

"These acts of terrorism represent the very worst of humanity. They seek to spread fear, intolerance, hate," Rudd said.

"Countering this threat has always been a crucial part of the work of this government. That's why we have introduced measures to disrupt the travel of foreign fighters.

"That's why we have passed the Investigatory Powers Act which gives the police and intelligence service more powers and tools that they need to keep the public safe. And that's why just seven weeks ago we legislated to strengthen our response to terrorist financing with the Criminal Finances Act.

"We have also protected overall police funding in real terms since 2015, increased counter-terrorism budgets and funded an uplift in armed police officers. We are now in the process of recruiting over 1,900 additional security and intelligence staff."