Sunny winter in the UK
The sunny weather might not stick around for very long as forecasters warn of a cooler than usual spring season. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Below-average temperatures are expected in the UK from April until June, the Weather Company confirmed on 21 March. The cooler than usual weather comes as the rest of Europe is bracing for warmer than normal temperatures, leaving the UK out in the cold.

Weather forecasters noted that a "rare late-winter" is expected in parts of western and northern Europe, bringing a cool and wet weather pattern. This will come as a disappointment to many who had their hopes raised by a mini heatwave last week, when temperatures in Scotland rose to 19C on 17 March.

Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist for the Weather Company, said: "A strong blocking pattern has set up across Europe for the first time since mid-January, and that is driving a rare spell of colder weather across much of the continent."

Unsettled weather conditions are due to hit the country as we head towards the long Easter weekend. Strong winds and outbreaks of rain look likely towards the end of April, particularly in the north and north-west parts of the country.

Some areas in the hills and mountains could even see some snow over the weekend as temperatures drop in the north. Temperatures across the country will remain near or slightly below the average.

Meanwhile, the Nordic countries are expected to be warmer than usual from now until June. Northern and southern mainland Europe is also expected to see above average temperatures during the spring months, while the UK and central Europe experience the worst of the chill.