London Marathon runners could see snow as temperatures plummet later this week. Forecasters have warned that the sunny spells are set to give way to an Arctic blast this weekend, with temperatures dropping as low as 3C in the capital.

The change in weather will come as a contrast to temperatures seen earlier in the week. On 20 April the UK saw the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching 18.8C in Porthmadog. However, the Met Office has said that cold northerly winds will push through over the weekend, with the possibility of wintry showers.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "Another cold spell is going to bite back in time for the weekend. Temperatures will struggle again with many parts remaining in single digits. We are also going to see some further frosts as temperatures drop overnight."

While the chances of wintry showers in London are low, the Met Office told the Evening Standard it could not be ruled out. If runners do face snow, it would be the first time in the London Marathon's 35-year history.

However, even if London does see wintry snow flurries over the weekend, the Met Office has said that this is not expected to settle on the ground and the conditions will not affect the runners. While temperatures are expected to reach 10C, forecasters predict that the Arctic blast will make it feel much colder.

Isobel Lang, Sky News weather presenter, said: "Those keeping daily check-ups on Sunday's London Marathon forecast will know it's looking chilly with northerly winds. Although some sunny spells are possible across London, when skies cloud over it will feel particularly cool and there may be some sleet in the showers, or possibly even wet snow."