Ukip leader Nigel Farage has criticised teenagers behind a app depicting him kicking foreigners in to the sea off the White Cliffs of Dover.

Farage was fuming after students created the game called Ukik for mobile phones, in which he appears as "Nicholas Fromage" and spouts an anti-immigrant screed.

The game requires the player to see how far into the sea they can kick foreigners, in order to stop damage to the UK economy.

Creators of the game said they wanted to mock "extremist views".

Unsurprisingly, Farage has failed to see the funny side, branding the game "risible and pathetic." He claimed it "crossed the line".

Ukip has been forced to defend itself regularly against accusations of racism, usually prompted by outcries over comments by party members.

Responding to the Ukik game, Farage said: "Those elements are risible and in many ways pathetic. I think I'm quite well known for having a sense of humour.

"I'm a public figure and of course people are going to have views. But elements of this game appear to cross the line.

"Fair play to them for having a bit of fun. If they want to go away and look at Ukip policies, they will actually learn a lot."

Also included in the game by students at Canterbury Academy is a made-up manifesto by "Fromage", who says: "If you are feeling irrational and want to live in a right-wing hell hole then vote Ukik this May.

"These people might improve our economy, contribute to our culture and make Britain great but they are different to us so let's kick them all out!"

Defending the students' work, principal Phil Karnavas said: "it is just a bit of fun. Many politicians don't need help to make themselves look daft, or to say very silly things, but they should at least have the ability to laugh at themselves.

"This game may be a bit 'edgy' but I suspect it will not bring the British political system crashing down."