Suzanne Evans Ukip
Suzanne Evans is reportedly fighting the disciplinary action in the High Court Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The latest battle in Ukip's bloody civil war has seen the Eurosceptic party suspend former high-flyer Suzanne Evans for six months. The move comes after Evans was axed as Ukip's deputy leader and welfare spokesperson, and means she could be suspended in the run-up to the EU referendum on 23 June.

Evans won plaudits for authoring the party's 2015 general election manifesto. But her relationship with Farage has been turbulent since the Ukip leader's infamous "un-resignation" in May. The new development comes after Evans defiantly stuck with Vote Leave as the Electoral Commission decides the official Brexit campaign designation.

Ukip, however, have thrown their support behind the Grassroots Out (GO) Movement, which also enjoys the backing of Leave.EU and Ukip donor Arron Banks. Nigel Farage accused Evans of disloyalty when he confirmed her suspension on 23 March.

"I've watched as she's gone from being a popular figure in Ukip to become a very unpopular figure by constantly criticising, not just the leader, but the party (and) its direction," Farage told Sky News. "It's sad but these things happen: in families we all see it. In life, these things happen."

But Evans, who is thought to be allied with Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell, is reportedly fighting the suspension at the High Court.

Documents obtained by the Guido Fawkes blog revealed she is hoping to postpone any disciplinary action until after the Greater London Authority (GLA) nominations, which close on 31 March.

A Ukip spokesperson said: "A disciplinary panel constituted by the UKIP National Executive Committee today heard a complaint against Suzanne Evans that she had publicly criticised a fellow candidate in breach of the party rules and in terms which contravene the Party Constitution.

"The panel resolved to suspend her membership of the party for six months. The decision may be subject to appeal. Ms Evans sought an injunction in the High Court today to prevent the hearing, but this was unsuccessful.

"As a consequence of this, she will not now be nominated as a UKIP candidate in the London Assembly elections to be held on May 5th. She had formerly been proposed to be the third candidate on the list, behind UKIP Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle, and No 2 David Kurten."

Evans had not responded to a request for comment from IBTimes UK at the time of publication.