Nigel Farage wants debates without Cameron
Nigel Farage wants TV debates without David Cameron Getty

Nigel Farage has challenged TV broadcasters to press ahead with election debates with the prime minister. Ukip leader Farage told LBC radio he fears David Cameron will succeed in scuppering the set-piece events.

Revealing his belief there will be no election TV debates, Farage said: "I hope the broadcasters actually have the guts to come back and say we are going ahead as planned."

Cameron has been accused of torpedoing the debates, which have proved popular with the public. Political rivals have claimed the prim minister is "running scared" by dodging the events.

The Conservative leader has insisted upon only one debate taking place, involving seven parties and to be held before the election campaign begins.

The Downing Street incumbent's campaign team have calculated he has little to gain from TV debates, which would provide rivals a platform to score points with viewers.

One of those to benefit would be Farage - judging by one LBC phone-in caller - who had to react when the caller compared him to Jesus Christ.

God says when an enemy comes against you, like a massive flood, he sends someone to give you protection," said former nurse Jill. "Nigel Farage is sent to protect us against the EU."

The Ukip leader replied: "But I have to disappoint her: Jill, I'm not the Messiah, I'm a very naughty boy."