Ukraine crisis Russia veto power
Russia has been skeptical of limiting its veto powers in the past Reuters

Ukraine has said that Russia's veto powers should be revoked at the UN Security Council as the country is party to the boiling conflict in the region. Kiev's foreign ministry said Moscow has been misusing his vital veto powers at the global body to prevent significant international actions taking place in eastern Ukraine.

"We need urgently to reform the Security Council in order to remove the veto power abuses. The Security Council should be capable of efficiently addressing 'bloody conflicts' regardless of the possible presence of a party to the conflict at this table as the SC permanent member," said Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told the Security Council meeting on Tuesday, 21 February, which convened to address the conflicts in eastern Ukraine, according to a Russian news agency.

Klimkin pointed out that the top UN body's charter necessitates that a member-state engaged in the dispute should abstain from the voting process. He added that the regulation has been "blatantly ignored".

"It is imperative that clear proceedings are introduced for the proper implementation of this Article," argued the Ukrainian authority.

In the past, Russia has vetoed measures put forward by the global powers regarding the eastern Ukraine unrest. Still, Moscow has said that it would not accept limiting its veto powers.

The fighting in the eastern parts of Ukraine, which was raging for several months, has not fully subsided, though it has eased now. Global powers have been sceptical of Russia's aggressive steps in the region, including, including annexing the Crimean peninsula. Moscow remains steadfast in its position.