The data was compiled by the charity JustGiving (JustGiving)

Bedford has been revealed as the most generous town in the UK in terms of charity donations, according to charitable donations website JustGiving.

The town in Bedfordshire raised a total of £1,145,967 for charity from 41,631 donors between May 2013 and May 2014, according to figures released by JustGiving.

Cambridge comes closely behind as the second most generous having raised £1,440,634 for charity from 48, 295 donors.

The data was compiled by comparing the amount raised in terms of population. Aberdeen actually gave the most amount of money at £1,872,610, but has a population nearly three-times as much as first-placed Bedford.

The smallest town to make the top-ten was Brentwood, where more than a third of its 74,000 residents raised a total of £750,509 for charity.

Top-10 Most Generous Towns

1 Bedford 41,631 givers; £1,145,967 raised; population 79,150.

2 Cambridge 48,295 givers; £1,440,634 raised; population 126,480.

3 Reading 58,235 givers; £1,711,566 raised; population 159,247.

4 Brentwood 21,672 givers; £750,509 raised, population 74,460.

5 Woking 27,646 givers; £921,165 raised; population 99,567.

6 Aberdeen 58,307 givers; £1,872,610 raised; population 220,420.

7 Cheltenham 33,381 givers; £976,995 raised; population 115,900

8 High Wycombe 31,658 givers; £1,004,113 raised; population 93,736

9 Watford 22,643 givers; £737,375 raised; population 93,736

10 Bristol 28,553 givers; £848,674 raised; population 121,723

Charlie Wells, chief marketing officer at JustGiving told ITV News: "Congratulations to Bedford. Looking at this data has been a real insight into how the nation donates, with some towns and cities emerging as giving hotspots.

"Online giving is transforming the way people give, helping causes to reach more people, raise more money and inspire more giving."