Apple plans to introduce "a game-changing" health features in its upcoming watch, suggests a new report.

The company is planning to add glucose monitoring feature in an upcoming version of its Watch, a source familiar with the plan told BGR.

The news comes after reports emerged last month stating Apple has a secret team of biomedical engineers working on sensors to monitor blood sugar levels to help treat diabetes. The company is developing certain optical sensors that would shine a light through the skin to measure glucose levels. It even began conducting feasibility trials at clinical sites across San Francisco Bay Area.

According to American Diabetes Association about 30 million people suffer from diabetes in US alone.

The only way to measure blood sugar level is by using blood sample or a device that penetrates the skin. As of now there is no non-invasive method available that could measure sugar level accurately.

Apple is said to have hired about 200 PhDs in past year who are working on improving and innovating the health features of Apple Watch.

The latest report further suggests Apple is planning to introduce interchangeable smart watch bands with various functionalities to the Apple Watch. This hints that the glucose monitoring feature would be implemented in the smart band, rather than being built into the hardware of the wearable.

Another notable addition is a camera band that adds a camera to the watch, or a band that contains battery to extend battery life. The source told BGR that Apple has "identified the right part of the body and there's so much more they can intend to do with the watch."