Cancer sufferer Carrie has been drinking own urine for four years
Cancer sufferer Carrie has been drinking own urine for four years

A cancer-stricken woman shocked TV viewers when she revealed that she drinks, bathes and uses her own urine to brush her teeth, but according to some advocates of urine therapy she is doing her body a world of good.

The 53-year-old, known as Carrie, made the disclosure about her unusual lifestyle choice when she appeared on a preview of the TLC's show My Strange Addiction.

Despite no hard medical evidence to back up her claims, she insisted that urine therapy has helped control her cancer and that she is now in remission.

Tony Scazzero, author of Drink You Own Water: A Treatise on Urine Therapy, supports Carrie's form of self-medication and agrees that she is on the right track.

He has been has been researching and practicing urine therapy for over 20 years and says: "Tons of antibiotics are not as affective as this medicine. It doesn't sound good but it is God's gift to us. People are spending billions of dollars on costly medical care, but you have the cure right inside of you."

International Business Times UK takes a look at just a few reasons why you should consider drinking your own pee.

Rich in Nutrients

The kidneys create antibiotics and antiseptics whenever the body needs them. They are released through the urine. The medical name for urine is plasma ultrafiltrate. Ninety-five percent 95 of this liquid is water, while the rest is a mixture of nutrients, urea, minerals, enzymes, antibodies and hormones.

Religious Roots

Some advocates of urine therapy often claim that the Bible recommends using it as a form of self-medication. They commonly cite a verse from Proverbs 5:15, which reads: "Drink water from thine own cistern and the streams of thine own well."

Cancer Treatment

In 1971 at the University of Medicine in Kyoto, Japan, it was discovered that the antibodies in urine such as interokin, renina and prostaglandin, are important hormones used to combat infections or malign tumors.

Cheap Medicine

Not only is urine therapy considered to one of the most natural health therapies, it is also very cost effective. Using your own urine for brushing your teeth, moisturising your body lotion and bolstering your health costs next to nothing. All you really need to invest in is a lot of water to make sure that a good supply remains on tap.

Life Saver

According to popular belief (and UA sitcom Friends), urinating on jellyfish stings is a natural and simple form of pain relief. However, research has suggested that this could actually be counterproductive, as it can activate nematocysts remaining at the site of the sting to release more venom.

Cure for Sore Throats

Supporters of urine therapy claim that an inflammation of the throat can be relieved by gargling with urine, to which a bit of saffron has been added.