A woman collapsed at a rally for US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday (8 February). The incident happened mid-way through his speech in Derry, New Hampshire, one day before the nation's first primary contest.

"Now whatever your issue may be – job creation, pay equity for women workers, raising the minimum wage, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure – climate change, whatever the issue may be..." Sanders was saying before the young supporter hit the ground just a few feet away. "Oh God," he cried as the crowd gasped. The event was paused briefly as several people helped escort the woman off stage. "I think she walked away; I think she's OK," a visibly shaken Sanders said as he made his way back to the podium.

The Vermont senator is currently locked in a tight race with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination for the November election. The two square off on Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary.