It appears that real estate mogul Donald Trump is serious about running for president in the upcoming 2016 elections. Trump has entertained the idea of running for president in the past and even launched an exploratory committee in 1999.

In March, the billionaire announced he was forming a presidential exploratory committee, CNN reported. Trump officially filed a Political Organization Notice of Section 527 Status with the Internal Revenue Service for his committee on 2 April. According to the file, Trump has named Timothy Jost of Beverly, Massachusetts as the committee's contact person.

According to CNN, Trump used February's Conservative Political Action Conference to tell reporters that his show, "Celebrity Apprentice," had been renewed by NBC but that he has yet to sign on again. "They want to renew it and I told them I have to put it on hold because I'm doing something that's far more important," Trump told CNN.

Since then, the 68-year-old has used social media to drum up support for his as-of-yet announced campaign. On 14 April, Trump retweeted several posts calling for him to run.

"America desperately needs leadership & values. Obama is a disgrace. We need a winner, and that is Trump," a Tweet by @Chris_R_2014 read. Another message retweeted by Trump on 13 April said, "Even if @realDonaldTrump doesn't run for the GOP, I'm writing him in on my ballet. #Trump2016".

CNN reported that Trump has already visited New Hampshire to meet with local business owners and veterans. The Granite State is a crucial early primary stop for all presidential candidates.