Hillary Clinton campaign
Clinton is expected to run as a candidate in the 2016 presidential race Reuters

Hillary Clinton is likely to run as a presidential candidate in 2016, the political media has speculated, going by comments made by Clinton herself.

Clinton has said her decision over her presidential plans will be made in early 2015 and currently, she is on a tour of the US to publicise her second memoir Hard Choices, believed to be a rolling campaign launch.

Inventive rumours of sex, drugs and murder have already surfaced around Clinton, and for entertainment purposes, we have rounded up the most ridiculous conspiracy theories surrounding the former first lady and Secretary of State -- largely fabricated by Republicans, of course.

Muslim Brotherhood

Frank Gaffney
According to Frank Gaffney, a Clinton aide is part of a transnational Islamic terrorist organisation Getty

According to claims made byTea Party-backed congresspeople, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US government. With no way of backing up their allegations, their representatives pointed to Clinton aide Huma Abedin who was at the time serving as the State of Department chief of staff.

During a Conservative panel discussion of Benghazi this week, Frank Gaffney, an Islamophobe who refers to the religion as "communism with a God", falsely claimed that Abedin is a covert agent of the Brotherhood who could be steering American policy in the Middle East.

Blood clot

Allen West
Allen West claimed Clinton faked a blood clot to avoid appearning before a Congressional committee investigating Benghazi Reuters

Allen West, a Republican and Fox News commentator, said Clinton faked a blood clot, she claimed to have sustained during a fall at her home, to avoid testifying before a congressional hearing about the assault by militants on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi in Libya.

"I'm not a doctor, but it seems as though the Secretary of State has come down with a case of Benghazi flu," West commented on Fox News.


Vince Foster
Conspiracy theorists claimed the suicide of Vince Foster was an affair-fuelled murder Reuters

Vince Foster, a formerDeputy White House Counsel during the first few months of Bill Clinton's administration, committed suicide in 1993 after suffering from depression. According to conspiracy theorists, including former Indiana Republican congressman Dan Burton, he was murdered because he had an affair with Hillary Clinton.

Novelist Christopher Andersen, in his book Bill and Hillary: The Marriage claims that Foster and Hillary Clinton were involved in an affair that led to Foster's death.

Internet takeover

Dick Morris
Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's former campaign strategist, resigned in 1996 Reuters

Dick Morris, who resigned from the Clinton campaign after tabloid reports stated he had been involved with a prostitute, claimed Hillary Clinton planned a United Nations takeover of the internet. The scheme would be paid for by a super-secret tax on American billionaires, according to Morris.

His website reads: "There is a real danger that the United Nations could take over the Internet."

Sexual paganism

Hillary Clinton
According to several right-wing commentators, Clinton advocates "sexual paganism" Reuters

Among the nonsense spread about Clinton's age, looks and alleged affairs, several right-wing nuts claimed she advocated "sexual paganism" during a speech condemning LGBT violence she delivered in 2011.

Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, Richard Land, Southern Evangelical Seminary president, and right-wing author Richard Brown, were particularly vocal in their attack on Clinton.

"There is no question in my mind, God is already judging America and will judge her more harshly as we continue to move down this path towards sexual paganisation," Land commented.