Just call him commander in wedding crashing. US President Barack Obama accidentally crashed the wedding of a San Diego couple as he was playing golf at Torrey Pines's South Course near the 18th hole. The happy couple were able to meet the president, who doled out some marriage advice.

According to the San Diego Tribune, couple Stephanie and Brian Tobes paused their sunset ceremony so they could watch the president finish out his round of golf. Obama then requested to see the couple, causing the excited bride to come running down to meet him. Joe DeBock, Torrey Pines's head pro for 28 years, told the Tribune: "He crashed the wedding."

Photographer Erin Youngren wrote in her blog that the couple was "SO EXCITED" that the president was at their wedding venue. Youngren said the wedding party excitedly watched as the president and his golf group finished out their round.

"President Obama then surprised everybody and came to shake everyone's hands," Youngren wrote. She continued: "Brian and Stephanie burst from the hotel, Stephanie sprinting in her navy blue Nina heels and Monique Lhullier gown ...". According to the photographer, the president not only shook the couple's hands, he apologised for delaying their wedding and shared some advice with the groom.

Bride Stephanie later told NBC San Diego: "When I was running up to him, I just started crying. I was in a state of complete shock." She continued: "He specifically told my husband Brian not to step on my dress."

Her new husband Brian said that while they were unsure of seeing each other in their wedding outfits before the ceremony, he was more than happy to follow his eager bride to meet the president. "I was just happy that she was happy," he told NBC San Diego.