Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has alleged that the US is relocating elements of the Islamic State (Isis) from the conflict-torn Middle East to Afghanistan in order to justify Washington's presence in Kabul amid rising terror attacks against Afghan interests in recent weeks.

Khamenei, who in the past accused the US of establishing the Sunni extremist group, said the Isis' increasing foothold in the South Asian nation shows Washington is essentially relocating the terror group in the region.

The theocratic leader, who has the last word in all political matters in Iran, told a religious session in Tehran on Tuesday, 30 January: "The same hands that created Daesh [Arabic name for Isis] as a tool to oppress people in Syria and Iraq and carry out crimes against them are today seeking to transfer Daesh to Afghanistan after its defeats there."

Khamenei had offered his deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims of recent attacks in Iran's neighbouring country. Two consecutive attacks rocked the Afghan capital Kabul killing more than 100 people combined together.

While the first attack by a suicide bomber driving an ambulance killed as many as 100 people on Saturday, 27 January, another coordinated bombing and gunfire on a military base claimed the lives of at least 11 soldiers on 29 January.

Khamenei said: "The Americans are themselves the main cause of insecurity in Afghanistan. The killings that have occurred in the region in the name of religion since some 20 years ago, were all done by the hands of US agents, whether directly or indirectly."

"Washington creates insecurity to justify its presence in the Middle East and to advance its political and economic objectives."

Afghanistan Kabul military academy attack
Afghan security forces stand near the Marshal Fahim military academy after a series of explosions in Kabul, Afghanistan Mohammad Ismail/Reuters