Valentine's Day would easily be one of the most eagerly awaited celebrations of love by couples and those who have someone special in their life.

Planning for the best gifts, best location to spend the day might have already been started by lovers all around the world.

Hotels, coffee shops, restaurants would all be reconfigured to seat only tables for two. Red roses and pink décor could be the order of the day.

But what about those, who are single? How will they manage the dreaded day as their collegues and friends receive kisses, special gifts and flowers?

Valentine's Day could create a gut-wrenching feeling... not unlike what you get from downing a whole box of chocolate in a pity-me frenzy, according to Kim Hughes, Singles and Dating Expert for, a website which caters to single people's needs.

"Singles need to keep in mind that Valentine's Day is a greeting card holiday – and shouldn't be taken too seriously," said Kim Hughes in a statement.

Here are some easy steps to overcome the loneliness on Valentine's Day proposed by

Step #1: Write a Gratitude List. It may sound a little corny but it works every time. Wake up in the morning and write down the people and things in your life that you are grateful for such as a recent promotion, a great relationship with your sister, quitting smoking. Whatever it is, it will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

Step #2: Send a Valentine. Take a look at your gratitude list and pick one person (or a few) that is important to you. Send them a Valentine. It can be a simple card, e-card or even a gift. You will make their day and, in doing so, feel great yourself.

Step #3: Make Plans. Put on a hot outfit, grab a couple of single friends and hit your local wine bar, karaoke dive or bowling alley. Tell funny stories of relationships past and enjoy your freedom. If you are looking for a night in, make it a movie night. Rent a bunch of romantic comedies or (better) horror flicks.

Step #4: Chat with singles online or connect with heaps of singles in your area. The constant attention and possible connection will make you feel great. You can even set up a spur-of-the-moment coffee date for Valentine's Day.

Step #5: Donate to Charity. Decide what you would have spent on Valentine's Day – $50 on a flower delivery, $10 on a box of chocolates, $100 on dinner? – and donate that amount to your charity of choice. Then anticipate the good karma coming your way.