Vampire Diaries Season 7
Damon and Stefan will come face-to-face with vampire huntress Rayna Cruz in the upcoming episode  CW

The Vampire Diaries season 7 will return with episode 13 titled This Woman's Work this Friday (19 February) on CW. Elena Gilbert's fans are in for a surprise as the new vicious vampire huntress, Rayna Cruz, has uncanny resemblance to Damon Salvatore's girlfriend.

As shown in the promo released by CW, Ian Somerhalder's character will come face-to-face with the vampire huntress and without fearing for his life he will tell her: "You look a lot like my girlfriend who had three doppelgangers." The synopsis of the upcoming episode describes Rayna as a "ruthless vampire hunter who is on the loose".

In the previous episode, Damon burned Elena alive while she was in her deep slumber as he was still living the nightmare due to the after-effect of the Phoenix stone. Damon tried to take his frustrations out by killing and drinking the blood of an innocent man and later he took a fighting challenge with Julian.

His brother Stefan, meanwhile, is dealing with his own trauma, which he is suffering due to the Phoenix stone, but that does not stop him from taking care of his girlfriend Caroline, who is supernaturally pregnant with Jo and Alaric's twins. In fact, he saved Damon from Julian's fighting challenge trap and later killed the heretic leader with the help of Valerie.

However, he was heartbroken after Damon confessed that he burned Elena alive. The younger Salvatore brother was close to Elena in the previous season and the realisation that he lost her for ever enraged him so much that he punched his elder brother on the face.

It will be interesting to see whether he will forgive Damon for his wrongdoings. Stefan is also having to deal with Caroline's difficult pregnancy as the synopsis suggests that "complications from her supernatural pregnancy leave Caroline's life hanging in the balance".

The Vampire Diaries season 7 airs every Friday on the CW network. In case you miss the episode during its airing time, click here to watch it live online on the network's official website the very next day. The link is only for viewers in the US.