Vampire Diaries season 7
The Vampire Diaries season 7 may feature Damon and Bonnie's romance CW

Ian Somerhalder has teased massive changes in the storyline of The Vampire Diaries season 7. The upcoming series will be more about relationships than mythology especially after Nina Dobrev's exit.

While many fans have wondered about Damon Salvatore's future in the supernatural series by CW, Somerhalder says his character will be super-volatile and very unpredictable.

"We want to go back to that simple type of storytelling, where it's sexy, dark, and funny," the 36-year-old actor told Pop Sugar.

He also teased that after Elena, the elder Salvatore could hold on to only one person and that is the Bennett witch.

"Bonnie is truly one of the only people Damon would go to bat for," the actor told Pop Sugar, adding, "There are very few people that he would do this for, but he loves Bonnie."

He also teased some 'great scenes' of the popular characters in TVD season 7. "There are actually a couple of really great scenes coming up."

Season 6 of TVD ended on a tragic note with Elena slipping into a deep slumber after Kai's curse. The only way to reverse the curse is to let Bonnie die but it seems next to impossible that the Salvator vampire will harm his true friend in order to bring the love of his life back.

Lily Salvatore has already brought her blood thirsty "family" from the prison world in the previous season. But her herd will not be the only problem for Mystic Falls as the series will introduce a blood-sucking lesbian couple, who will spell doom in the town.

The Vampire Diaries season 7 premieres on 8 October on The CW network.