Julia Caples
Julia Caples (Facebook/Julia Caples)

A 45-year-old care worker and mother of two from Pennsylvania who claims she is obsessed with the vampire lifestyle drinks two litres of blood - from volunteers - every month, it has been revealed.

Julia Caples is obsessed with the bloodsucker mythology and has been drinking blood for 30 years. She claims she remains a doting mother to her 11-year-old son, Alexi, and 24-year-old daughter, Ariel.

Caples finds donors from notices in occult stores, according to the Daily Mirror. She uses a sterilised knife she designed herself to make an incision in the donor so that she can drink their blood.

"When I feed off of a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier," she said.

"I know scientifically there's not a lot nutrition in blood, but maybe there's some value we haven't discovered yet. I feel more beautiful than any other time when I'm regularly drinking."

She claimed ot kept her disease-free.

"I'm extremely healthy with no major health problems and I have an abundance of energy all the time," she said.

She developed the urge to drink blood when she was young, she said. During her first kiss, she bit her boyfriend's lip and tasted his blood. She explained: "I just got an urge and can't really explain it. It's never gone away. Needless to say though, he never kissed me again."

Drinking blood remained a pastime until she met Donald Lazarowicz. The two were married in 2000 in a vampire-themed wedding and drank each other's blood to celebrate.

They continued exchanging blood with other "vampires" until the birth of Alexi, when Donald stopped.

"Julia still likes to drink, but she's also an amazing mother, and her children come first. She'd never let it stop her mothering her kids," he stressed.

Alexi said: "We have all these decorations at home like coffins and dolls. I'm starting to think she's a vampire."