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Companies of all sizes need rigorous cybersecurity protocols these days. There is no shortage of best-in-class tools out there. While there is no shortage of tools, cybersecurity talent is short in supply.

vCISO's are Going Mainstream, and Cynomi is
vCISO's are Going Mainstream, and Cynomi is Powering the Revolution Pixabay

The most talented people choose to work with large companies. As a result, smaller companies have all the tools but no one to steer their security ship.

vCISOs are a revolutionary solution that addresses this need. A virtual or vCISOs remotely manages several clients at once, giving each company access to top-notch talent. Security professionals can scale their services and upgrade their skills.

All these professionals need is a tool that allows them to exercise their skills while offering convenience at scale. One Israeli startup is offering the ideal platform for vCISOs to achieve these goals.

Enter Cynomi

Cynomi's founding story is rooted in the problem it is solving. Cofounder and CEO David Primor realized the acute problems a lack of security talent creates in a company while consulting on a project for a data intelligence firm. The firm used the best security tools but suffered a data breach due to a lack of a CISO.

"I realized after helping several companies that experienced cyber attacks that there was a big gap between organizations that have a CISO - and those that don't," Primor says. "Tools alone are not enough, and attackers take advantage of that."

After discussing the issue with his friend and eventual co-founder Roy Azoulay, the pair decided to launch Cynomi, a platform for vCISOs to advise, run, and manage cybersecurity for several companies. Cynomi's dashboards give vCISOs an in-depth look at their clients' cybersecurity postures.

Thanks to seamless onboarding, vCISOs can scale their services while maintaining service integrity. Cynomi saves companies and vCISOs time by automating many routine cybersecurity tasks, something that opens the door to further value-added analysis.

So how does Cynomi do all this?

Personalized security policies and task lists

One of the biggest challenges vCISOs face is keeping track of different security policies. Each client has unique needs, and losing track of them could result in configuration errors, opening a path for malicious actors.

Cynomi's platform gives vCISOs the tools to analyze a company's processes, data assets, and benchmarks to generate a tailored security policy. Cybersecurity in some industries involves regulatory oversight. Cynomi's platform takes these into account as well, assuring vCISOs that their clients are compliant and protected at all times.

vCISOs can create and automate the client onboarding process through a series of proprietary questionnaires. The answers to these questions define the personalized security policy and task lists per client. For instance, vCISOs can define a policy and trust Cynomi to monitor the client's network activity automatically.

If a potential danger rises, Cynomi flags this event in customized task lists for the vCISO to review. Depending on the type of services the vCISO offers, they can either remediate these tasks themselves or deliver the list to their clients.

In the latter scenario, Cynomi helpfully offers a step-by-step guide that helps clients execute tasks and mitigate any security issues quickly.

Automating vulnerability analysis

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, and vCISOs can find it challenging to keep pace with these changes. Add to the mix a wide range of clients with different needs, and security risks can compound quickly.

Cynomi scans a vCISOs client's systems to uncover potential vulnerabilities at each IP and URL. Everything from ports and protocols to websites and encryption standards is covered by these scans, giving vCISOs a comprehensive look at the company's security posture.

The result is tailored recommendations over and above Cynomic's remediation task lists. This value-added input on the vCISOs part is critical for smaller businesses. A tool can generate value through automation. However, human talent is necessary to asses specific vulnerabilities and mitigate those risks.

The platform's reporting tools help vCISOs summarize vulnerabilities and present consistent branding, aiding business growth. Clients can quickly understand their security risks and any compliance gaps, and take steps to mitigate these issues.

From the vCISOs perspective, Cyonmi's multi-tenant architecture makes it easy for them to quickly onboard new clients and scale based on demand. The result is seamless cybersecurity for clients and reliable service the vCISOs can leverage to establish their authority in the industry.

Cutting-edge cybersecurity

The vCISOs revolution is changing the way smaller companies view cybersecurity. Instead of investing a ton of resources into every tool in the market and hoping for the best, they can access top-tier security talent cost-effectively.

Cynomi is powering this revolution and represents cutting-edge cybersecurity. The future is undoubtedly bright for this startup since cybersecurity is set to become more complex.