Texas resident Michelle Olson had taken her eight-year-old cat, Sophie, to get it vaccinated. After Sophie was injected and the family returned home, they received a heartbreaking call. Sophie was euthanised by mistake at the animal hospital. The vet was unable to save Sophie after the accidental injection.

Olson regularly took Sophie to Suburbia North Animal Hospital for her vaccine shots. Olson and her husband took Sophie and got her vaccinated after a routine check-up. They returned to their family home with Sophie once the process was complete. However, they had to rush back to the animal hospital because of a fatal mix-up.

The healthy and happy cat had been accidentally injected with euthanasia medication. Staff at the animal hospital called Olson once they realised the accident. Olson immediately took Sophie out of the cat carrier. She realised that the staff was right, Sophie was slowly dying.

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Olson told ABC 13 that she knew Sophie would not make it. The shocked pet owner decided to spend the last few moments of Sophie's life with her. She held Sophie close to her body and spoke to her while the pet's body stopped functioning. Olson recalled that she could feel Sophie "dying in her arms."

The family rushed back to the animal hospital. The vet tried to revive Sophie but they failed to reverse the effects of the euthanasia medication. Staff at the animal hospital apologised to the family for the death of their pet. Olson pointed out that she understood the vet did not intend for Sophie to die but the accident was one which should not have happened.

Olson warned pet owners to be cautious when taking their pets to the vet. She urged pet owners to ask questions regarding the procedures and medications being used on their animals. She insists that bashing the establishment will not bring back her cat. As a pet owner who has undergone the traumatic experience of losing their pet due to medical negligence, Olson hopes her story will prevent similar incidents from taking place.