A deer shocked local shoppers when it galloped up to the doors of a Wellbeing store in New Jersey and threw itself through the glass panels.

CCTV video footage caught the dramatic moment when the doe ran across the road and flew straight through the glass doors of the shop.

"At first I just heard a loud noise," said the shop's regional manager Victor Santucci. "I thought maybe a car had crashed through the front door. We made sure that our customers were safe and got them out of the store, and then we corralled the deer to get her out. It didn't appear to be hurt."

The doe was left seemingly unhurt as she effortlessly flew through the glass before darting towards a clothing aisle at the back of the shop.

The store manager shooed out the animal with her hands.

A spokesperson for Goodwill Industries said: "It's really odd because that store doesn't back up to any woods."