A case against the father has been registered at the Kengeri Police Station in Bengaluru, India - Representational image Mario Tama/Getty Images

In a horrific incident, a video of an Indian man repeatedly thrashing and slamming his 10-year-old son into the ground for "lying" has now gone viral. The incident is said to have taken place about two months ago in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru.

In the video [graphic content, viewer discretion is advised], the man's wife, who is recording the clip, can initially be heard saying that the boy had lied once again.

Mahendra, the boy's father, can then be seen throwing his son several times on the bed and the floor, and kicking him mercilessly.

Meanwhile, the mother can be heard pleading and asking her 30-year-old husband to stop the assault, television channel News18 reported.

However, Mahendra continues to hit his son with a mobile phone charger, which is reportedly one of the things the minor had "lied" about.

The police have now detained the accused after the video was leaked. According to local sources, the video was discovered after the boy's mother had given her phone for repair.

A case against Mahendra has since been registered in the city's Kengeri Police Station.

A police official said, "We registered a case at the Kengeri Police Station and secured custody of the father on Saturday morning, 27 January, after coming to know of the incident through media channels."