A group of anatomy students from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Nigeria got the fright of their lives when the woman they were about to embalm walked out of the morgue.

It is said that the unidentified woman was dropped off at the hospital by her own family after they declared her dead. They had left her there to be preserved. Meanwhile, the students, believing her to be deceased, chose her for their embalming class. They stripped her of her clothes and placed her on the embalming table so they could begin the process.

However, she reportedly suddenly opened her eyes, got up from the table, and walked out of the morgue. The terrified students fled out of the hospital and gathered outside to watch as the woman walked over the grass in a daze.

A video from the said encounter has since gone viral online. In it, the students can be seen dispersed outside on the grounds. No one bothered to help the confused woman or give her something to wear. Instead, they continued to stare and shriek while others took videos of the incident.

Others who saw the footage commented that she was probably just in a coma and not dead when her family dropped her off at the hospital. One said, "she was a woman in a coma, not a dead woman!"

"A woman was brought in dead by her family members to the mortuary in UNIBEN they finalised all the documentation and left, as the Anatomy students was about to start work on the woman she stood up and everybody took off. The woman has a second shot at life," a source said according to local media Atinka News.

The woman was believed to have been left in the morgue for hours before she came back to life. Local media has yet to identify her or reveal if any action will be taken by the authorities over the incident. It is also not known what caused her supposed death and if the family members have been informed that she is alive after all.

Dead Body
Representational image. Photo: Pixabay