A young Australian boy, Dyson, got punched in his face by a kangaroo while he was with his family at the wildlife park at Glen Waverley in Melbourne. And, his mother Tiff has recorded the moment on her camera.

In the footage which was posted online last week, Dyson can be seen standing very close to an emu and the boxer kangaroo.

Initially, Dyson was hesitant to feed the animals but took advice from his older brother who urged him to "walk straight at it". And, when he took a few steps forward, the kangaroo wasted no time and punched him in the face.

As seen in the footage, Tiff can be heard laughing in shock after the attack. "Are you alright Dyson, did it get you? Are you ok?" she asks.

Dyson's brother also appeared to be shocked by the sudden action of the kangaroo.

"Did it get you in the face? Oh sh**," he says.

Stunned by the hit, Dyson can be seen walking away from the kangaroo shielding his face with his hands.

A few days ago, a woman who had rescued a golfer under attack by a kangaroo in Australia ended up suffering a severe cut on her head after the marsupial turned on her.