Footage of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling accidentally knocking a cyclist off his bike in Westminster emerged on Thursday night (15 December). The incident was captured by another cyclist right outside the Houses of Parliament on 12 October.

The video, obtained by The Guardian, appeared to show cyclist Jaiqi Liu falling into a lamppost and onto the pavement after Grayling unexpectedly opens the door to his ministerial car.

Grayling is then seen rushing to Liu's aid, checking to see if the 35-year-old World Bank staffer has any injuries and apologising.

Liu, who logged the incident with the Metropolitan Police and was wearing reflective clothing, said he later noticed pain in his back, legs and head after the accident. His bike's brakes, mudguard, brakes and wheel were left damaged.

A spokesperson for the Transport Secretary said: "This was an unfortunate accident.

"Mr Grayling got out of the car, checked the cyclist was OK and waited until he was back on his feet. Mr Grayling spoke to the cyclist and apologised; they shook hands before he left."