If the trailer of Fast and Furious 8 is anything to go by, the movie is all set to go straight to the hearts of fans. But Vin Diesel appears to be feeling the absence of his friend Paul Walker. The Fate Of The Furious will premiere next year and it will be the first movie without the actor since Tokyo Drift. The trailer of the action franchise has been viewed more than 140 million times.

Vin Diesel, the actor and producer of the film, has shared a touching tribute to his deceased friend hoping he will be proud of the movie they made after his death. The Xander Cage actor shared an image of the two at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards, where they won the golden popcorn trophy for the best on-screen team. Walker died in a car accident in 2013 when Furious 7 was still under production.

Referring to Walker lovingly as Pablo, Diesel wrote an emotional caption and credited his late friend for giving him the strength for the eighth instalment of the race action thriller. "The arduous road to production, the challenging task of filming this latest chapter. The record-breaking trailer debut and the shocked world at what the dark road implied... you Pablo have given me strength... purpose and resolve. I promised you we would make something you would be proud of and I pray that we have... miss you," he captioned the image and concluded his tribute with "Family above everything".

Ironically, the tag line for Fast 8 is "Family no more," and the trailer has justified the theme as Dominic "Dom" Toretto (played by Diesel) betrays his family and friends and joins hands with notorious criminal Cipher, (Charlize Theron).

The character of Dom is known for being the backbone of his family but the twist in the plot has intrigued F&F fans who are keen to unravel the film's secrets once it is released.

Never turn your back on family... even when I must... April 14th!! #F8

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