A triple shooting in Virginia was captured on video and live streamed on Facebook after shots were fired at three men sitting in a parked car.

The three friends, all in their 20s, were filming themselves listening to music on Bainbridge Boulevard, Norfolk, US when the sound of gunfire interrupted and the phone was dropped on the floor – but continued to record the incident.

Two of the men suffered life-threatening injuries, and a third was less seriously injured, with all three taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital following the attack, which took place at around 6pm on 12 July.

After shots rang out, they continued for at least 20 seconds as the phone falls from the hand of the man recording.

In a statement, Norfolk Police said: "All three men, two of them are 27-years-old and one is 29-years-old, are currently in Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Two of the men are doing better, but one is still listed in critical condition.

"During the shooting incident, one of the men inside the car was broadcasting a live video to Facebook. This video has been confirmed to be of the actual shooting incident."

One man who arrived on the scene after the attack can be heard the victims of the shooting: "Stay relaxed, look at me. Don't go to sleep, stay relaxed, give me your hand, I got you. Stay with me, stay relaxed, it's going to be all right."

He tells the men to keep listening to his voice as they wait for the ambulance to arrive and speaks with the men until medical help arrives.

Footage continued to record following the shooting, capturing neighbours as they rushed to help the men, paramedics as they arrived on the scene, and police involved in analysing the crime scene after the men had been taken to hospital – with at least two hours of video filmed.