Authorities have discovered what they believe are the remains of Virginia university student Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell, who had been missing for over a month.

Police discovered the remains on 10 April outside a vacant home around 45 miles south west of Norfolk, USA Today reported. The remains were then sent to the Southampton County Chief Medical Examiner's Office to be identified and to determine cause of death.

According to The Virginia-Pilot, police expect to be at the vacant house for a couple of days as they search for clues. Norfolk Police Officer Sam Shenouda said, "We'll be out here for a couple of days. The property is overgrown, mostly wooded. They're literally going to be combing through every inch of this property searching for evidence."

Hadsell, an 18-year-old Longwood University student, was last seen at about 5.30am EST on 3 March. According to USA Today, Hadsell had spoken to her adoptive father Wesley Hadsell just a day before disappearing about getting some money.

However, the text communication seemed odd, her parents later told police. "The conversation, in my opinion, was kind of off. I can't be 100% sure I know that was my daughter I was texting," mother Jennifer Hadsell said.

The family, along with friends and law enforcement, have searched the surrounding areas for the young woman.

During the search, Wesley Hadsell was arrested on 21 March after he broke into a home, claiming he had found his daughter's jacket behind a couch. USA Today reported the 36-year-old was charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, breaking and entering, and possessing ammunition as a felon. Hadsell was denied bail and remains in jail.

According to WTKR, Wesley Hadsell's sister Wendy Stokes said she is starting to doubt her brother's involvement in the young woman's disappearance. "I'm not a judge. I'm not a jury. I'm not saying he's guilty. I'm not saying he's innocent, but it's really hard to have faith in someone when he can't be honest," she said.

She added, "At one time, I didn't think he was [involved], but now I don't know. In my heart I don't want to believe he did, but there are things that when you start seeing on TV, places they are looking. I'm his sister - you never want to think that anybody in your family could ever do anything like this."

After the remains were found, Timothy Moran, a family friend and minister who spoke on behalf of the Hadsell family, told The Virginia-Pilot, "We're just praying that all of this is resolved swiftly, and we're just trying to work together as a family. Everybody's mind is going a hundred miles an hour. Everyone wants Anjelica home. That's the main goal. It's not about anybody else but AJ at the moment."

FBI is also involved in the investigation.