Dame Vivienne Westwood's love for everything British was very much evident during her Paris Fashion Week Gold Collection where she showcased the cultural and historical richness of London's past and presented a complete "regal collection" to fashion connoisseurs.

Called "London," the collection was a ceremonial display of Elizabethan corsets, printed Union Flag creations, Edwardian coats, Dick Turpin hats and highwaywoman black coats.

However, the highlight of the show was the very semi-sheer creation adorned by the high-end designer herself comprising out-of-issue British £50 notes with images of the Queen.

Where luxury labels like Dior struggled to showcase creations that reflected the brand's authentic style, the collection presented by the 71-year-old British designer looked unmistakably her own.

Largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream, Westwood's current collection looked like a celebration in itself. Models riding old bike on the ramp and adorning feathery shaggy super-sized gown with aquamarine silk inserts, the event gave a ceremonious feel and offered a different vision of Britain to onlookers.

"Looking back to the heroes of the past they looked so incredible in their clothes. Imagine them live and in front of you - you would think you were on another planet," Vogue UK quoted the designer as saying. "But we can never repeat, we are swept along by the changing times and our own experience. When we try to imitate, we find ourselves doing something new. I see fashion as a proposal, a way for people to look more wonderful."

Catch a glimpse of the fall/winter 2012-2013 show by designer Vivienne Westwood in the images given below: