"The Voice" season 17 kicked off its finale on Monday night. The final four—Jake Hoot (Team Kelly), Katie Kadan (Team Legend), Ricky Duran (Team Blake), and Rose Short (Gwen Stefani)—returned to the stage to perform one last time for the winner's prize. Meanwhile, coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson or John Legend continue to mentor and judge as one of their team members will be crowned the winner. The results of the finals will be based on public votes for artists' performance on Monday night and will be revealed during Tuesday's grand finale. Nevertheless, here are predictions based on iTunes Top 100 chart rankings.

"The Voice" season 17 finale was a two-hour special wherein each finalist delivered three performances, a solo song, a holiday duet with the coach, and an original song. Ricky Duran was the first performer of the night singing "Runnin' Down a Dream" for his solo song. Next up, was Jake Hoot with an original number "Better off Without You."

Katie Kadan and John Legend paired up to spread some Christmas cheer through their duet performance of "Merry Christmas" Baby." Following this, Team Gwen's Rose Short took the stage to perform her original "Steamroller."

Next on the stage was Blake Shelton and Ricky Duran singing "Run Rudolph Run" for their duet performance. For her original number, Katie Kadan sang "All Better." Kelly Clarkson and Jake Hoot performed "Wintersong" for their duet. Coach Gwen and Rose Short delivered the last duet of the night "My Gift is You." Next up, were a few solo numbers. Jake Hoot sang "Amazed" and Katie Kadan performed "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

The final original song was performed by Ricky Duran, titled "A Woman Like Her." And the final performance of "The Voice" season 17 finale was Rose Short's solo song "Border Song."

The voting lines are now open. Fans can vote for their favourite artists and get them one step closer to become "The Voice" Season 17 winner. Voting is available through official The Voice app or NBC's voting portal. Fans can vote until Tuesday morning, 7:00 a.m. The contestant receiving maximum audience votes will be declared as "The Voice" winner and will be awarded by $100,000 and a record deal.

'The Voice' Season 17 finals results predictions: The Voice iTunes Chart rankings as of now (1:36 am on December 17, 2019) as per PopVortex.

#1 Ricky Duran (Team Blake)—A Woman Like Her: Current rank on the iTunes is #2.

#2 Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson—Wintersong: Current rank on iTunes is #3.

#3 Katie Kadan (Team Legend)—All Better: Current rank on iTunes #4

#4 Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)—Better off Without You: Current rank on iTunes #5

#5 Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)—Amazed: Current rank on iTunes #6

#6 Katie Kadan (Team Legend)— I Don't Want to Miss a Thing: Current rank on iTunes #10

#8 Rose Short (Team Gwen)— Steamroller: Current rank on iTunes #12

#9 Katie Kadan and John Legend—Merry Christmas Baby: Current rank on iTunes #13

#10 Ricky Duran and Blake Shelton— Run Rudolph Run: Current rank on iTunes #16

#12 Ricky Duran (Team Blake)—Runnin' Down a Dream: Current rank on iTunes #33

#17 Rose Short (Team Gwen)—Border Song: Current rank on iTunes #53

#23 Rose Short and Gwen Stefani—My Gift is You: Current rank on iTunes #97

So far, all the performances by Jake Hoot and Katie Kadan have made it to the top 10. Unfortunately, Rose short has not even made it to the top 10. So, it can be assumed that she might be in danger.

Blake Shelton
The Voice coach Blake Shelton believes the stigma of homosexuality in country music does not exist Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

However, fans must take this information with a pinch of salt as these are mere speculations and predictions. "The Voice" season 17 winner will be declared on Tuesday on NBC based on public voting.