The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. AMC/Fox

Robert Kirkman's super hit zombie drama is set to introduce new characters in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

The series has already suffered multiple major deaths in the past and to increase the intensity of the drama Kirkman has hired Seth Gilliam as a series regular for the fifth season.

Gilliam, who played the character of Sgt Ellis Carver in The Wire, will play the character of Michael Todd in The Walking Dead Season 5 but his character will have a mysterious shade. His real intentions and 'dark secrets' will remain a mystery until the premier of the fifth season of AMC's zombie horror series, entertainment website Deadline reported.

Rumour mills are abuzz that the character of Michael Todd is actually that of Father Gabriel Stokes from Kirkman's graphic comics, The Walking Dead.

In the comics, Father Gabriel meets Rick and company and confesses that he locked the church doors during the apocalypse and let families be eaten by the dead walkers. The comic book also mentions Gabriel's closeness to Eugene Porter.

But it is still unknown if there is any connection between Gabriel and the Hunters, or the cannibals.

Gilliam has also played the significant role of Dr Deaton in the MTV drama Teen Wolf.

HBO's The Wire was a critically acclaimed crime drama and won numerous awards throughout its five seasons. Walking Dead creator Kirkman is a huge fan of the series and has expressed his wish to cast The Wire actors in his show, the website reported.

Kirkman has already hired The Wire stars Chad Coleman and Lawrence Gilliard Jr during previous seasons. They are now series regulars, playing Tyreese and Bob, respectively in the Walking Dead.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of speculation that the Terminus is the land of the cannibals and Mary might have trapped Rick and company there for the Hunters' meals.

The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere in October on AMC TV.