The much-awaited Walking Dead Season 5 trailer was released at the 2014 Comic-Con giving fans a first glimpse into the upcoming fifth season of the popular zombie drama.

The trailer rubbished off several theories and rumours that had been circulating on the web, but it has given rise to a numerous new ones. One such theory says that the new trailer hints at a major character's death?

A CinemaBlend report digs through the suspenseful footage and identifies certain clues that points towards the death of a particular primary character. This is just a theory as of now but can be a potential spoiler.

Take a look at the trailer below carefully before reading further:

Here's what the CinemaBlend report states:

"While we're distracted by the sight of Rick Grimes responding to Gareth's grin with a death glare, Bob's not moving. Moments prior to this, he was seen insisting that if they could just get to Washington, they would be able to find a cure and put the whole situation right. At that point, Bob seemed really animated...

...but when Gareth is smiling and holding Bob behind the neck, his eyes are closed and he's not moving.

Now, it's possible Bob's holding his breath, waiting for whatever to happen to happen. He is still upright after all. But it's possible he was just stabbed or shot and is somehow still upright because of the way he's positioned. If Gareth or someone did just kill Bob, it would explain the intense look on Rick's face.

Here's the thing though, we don't know exactly when the potential-execution scene takes place in Season 5. Is this a follow-up to the opening-scene mayhem? Or something that happens later on? Because Bob is all over the place in the rest of the trailer..."

What do you think? Is it possible that Bob might die in the season premiere?

When discussing The Walking Dead's penchant for killing off characters, during a visit to Entertainment Weekly Radio at Comic-Con, actor Andrew Lincoln said: "It is an inevitable part of this show. It's one of the great things, I think, that you have real jeopardy for favorite characters. It won't be without its share of death this season."