Charlie Hebdo France police step up security
France has tightened security after deadly attacks in Paris. Reuters

French anti-terror forces have arrested six people accused of wanting to travel to Syria and seeking to buy arms to attack sex clubs, as France battles the threat of jihadism.

The Islamic State terror group (Isis), which claimed responsibility for coordinated terror attacks that left 129 people dead in Paris on 13 November, has since urged followers to step up attacks in France and the rest of Europe. France's SDAT (Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate) and Research and Intervention Brigades (BRI) arrested six people – five men and a woman – who were attempting to travel to Syria on Tuesday (2 February) morning, according to BFM TV.

Planned attacks against sex clubs

The group, who carried bus tickets for Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey, were arrested in the French city of Lyon. According to security forces, they were planning to leave after 8 February, and two were trying to find arms to attack swingers clubs. According to the reports, the suspects had the intention to attack the sex clubs if they failed to reach Syria.

A number of suspects had converted to Islam – one had recently converted in prison – and were known for "active proselytism, their allegiance to Daesh, or their calls for Jihad," according to BFM TV. The suspects will be detained for 96 hours.

In January, the United Nations (UN) criticised France over the security measures enacted following terror attacks in Paris in November 2015, slamming the 'excessive and disproportionate' restrictions in place. The French state of emergency, which went into effect after the November 13 attacks on Paris, gives security forces extra powers to investigate and combat terrorists.

But French parents have spoken about their anger after security forces searched children as young as three.