A number of US airstrikes in Southern Fallujah have killed at least 250 Isis militants and destroyed dozens of their vehicles, according to officials.

While there have been more than 100 airstrikes near Fallujah since 21 May, the coalition is undertaking operations ahead of putting in place local police and Sunni tribesmen to take over.

A senior defense official said: "We're still assessing the strikes and gathering details", but the number of fighters killed is "consistent with our early assessments", ABC News reported.

A member of the Iraqi security forces carries his weapon at Falluja hospital on 20 June. US airstrikes on 30 June have reportedly killed up to 250 Isis militants Reuters

Earlier, on Wednesday 29 June, Chris Garver, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, against ISIS said Fallujah will soon be turned over to a "holding force" because the fight there was less intense than the one in Ramadi.

The airstrikes came 24 hours after the triple suicide bombing at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport that killed at least 42 people where ISIS is considered the prime suspect.