One of the conjectures being played out across the Indian media was the "snub" meted out to the visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as there was a lukewarm welcome by the Narendra Modi administration upon his arrival.

This is Trudeau's first state visit to India during when he attempts to strengthen cultural and trade ties, if not the political relations, as per the official version.

No senior minister from Prime Minister Modi's government has yet met Trudeau in the first four days of the Canadian leader's week-long tour, filled with photo ops and visits to popular tourist spots. Unlike previous occasions when Modi personally welcomed global leaders at the airport, the Canadian prime minister was greeted by a junior minister in New Delhi.

Trudeau was also unlucky not to receive Modi's hug, which has become a point of attention in the media coverage after he infamously tightly embraced many other visiting global leaders. The Indian government swiftly added a caveat that the protocol does not allow Modi to personally welcome visiting leaders at airports though it has been breached on more than one occasion in the past.

Additionally, Modi has also not written on Twitter welcoming Trudeau's arrival – an act which he usually does when a top leader arrives in his country.

Still, both sides have tried to play down the talk of a possible "snub" observed by analysts and media. When asked about the cold reception by a journalist during one of the gatherings, Trudeau quickly shot back: "I have met with the prime minister in various places around the world and looking forward to sitting down with him on Friday."

In his speech to a business delegation in Mumbai, the Canadian premier went on to say: "We are here in such large number and for so many days for a very simple reason. India matters to Canada. We welcomed over C$1 billion worth of commercial contracts and agreements. This will lead to the creation of more than 5,800 good Canadian jobs."

One of the reasons speculated by analysts for giving a cold shoulder to Trudeau was the Canadian government's support for the Sikh separatist effort popularly known as the pro-Khalistan movement. The not-so-jubilant gesture doled out to Trudeau was not missed by Canadian press as well.