David Davis, Britain's Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, is due to give a statement on Tuesday (24 January 2017) in the House of Commons following the Supreme Court's decision that Prime Minister Theresa May must consult with MPs before triggering Article 50.

The 11 judges at the court voted by a majority of eight to three against the government's argument that May could use prerogative powers to formally begin the Brexit process.

The decision arrived after the government appealed against a previous ruling from the High Court that May must consult with parliament before triggering the two-year process of leaving the EU in a case brought forward by a campaign group led by investment manager Gina Miller.

The government quickly insisted that the ruling "does nothing" to change the timetable for exiting the EU, with May still hopeful to trigger Article 50 on March 2017.

A 10 Downing Street spokesperson added: "The British people voted to leave the EU, and the government will deliver on their verdict – triggering Article 50, as planned, by the end of March. Today's ruling does nothing to change that.

"It's important to remember that Parliament backed the referendum by a margin of six to one and has already indicated its support for getting on with the process of exit to the timetable we have set out. We respect the Supreme Court's decision, and will set out our next steps to Parliament shortly."

Davis will now speak to MPs at Commons regarding the Supreme Court's ruling as part of the government's plans to swiftly continue with the Brexit negotiations and is expected to announce what will happen next. Davis is set to make his announcement at 12:30pm GMT. You can watch Davis via the video link below: