Police in Colorado are still scratching their heads over how a small bear managed to get itself trapped in a car in Jefferson county. In a video released yesterday, deputies are seen opening the boot of a car to let a bear escape after finding the creature trapped in the estate vehicle.

"How did he get in? I don't see a broken window," a deputy can be heard saying behind the camera as he approaches the car. The bear appears distressed and is attempting to escape as he scratches as windows and scrambles around the car.

"How'd you get in there, bear?" the deputy asks, to no response from the bear.

Luckily, the deputy discovers that the car's boot is unlatched and the bear is able to escape into the nearby forest. Once the bear is gone, the damage to the interior of the car can be safely seen, the bear having ripped out chunks of the car's upholstery in an attempt to get out.

Elsewhere in the US, bears are currently lining up along rivers in Alaska to try and catch salmon as they leap to upstream to spawn in fresh water grounds. The US National Park Service is currently live streaming all the natural action from Alaska's Katmai National Park in partnership with explore.org and can be watched here.