Breathtaking point-of-view footage of a daredevil scaling a 200m high crane in Australia has surfaced online.

It is the latest adrenaline-fuelled film to be made by British stuntman Ally Law, who has over 110,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The 1m 17s clip showing Law ascend an industrial crane in Melbourne was uploaded yesterday (18 April) but Law says he performed the feat on Good Friday.

"I'm not going to try and pretend it's not dangerous. It's highly risky and one mistake will cost you your life," he told 9 News Australia.

"But saying that, I don't actually worry about the dangers because I trust my abilities and I will never put myself in a situation I'm not 110% confident with."

Other videos on his channel show Law clambering over famous world landmarks and jumping from rooftop to rooftop at death-defying heights.

Many of the films are captured from a head camera worn by Law. This takes the viewer into Hall's perspective as he climbs and jumps.

Hall admitted that in addition to the inherent physical dangers of his stunts there are also legal implications, saying: "I've been caught [climbing] a few times. There is absolutely no way you'd ever be granted permission to do something like this.

"I got caught once in Dubai and Bangkok, and a handful of times back in England, nothing too serious thankfully.

"I always do my climbs on public holidays, Sundays and very early mornings to avoid being seen and disturbing anybody."

Death-defying daredevil records illegal 200m-high crane climb
UK stuntman Ally Law recorded the nerve-wracking moment he illegally scaled to the edge of a 200m-high crane in Melbourne on 14 April