Later today (20 January), millions of people from around the world will be tuning in to witness the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, as President-elect Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address before entering the White House.

With just under a million people estimated to be attending the swearing-in ceremony and the following celebratory parade, Washington D.C. is set to be a crowded, potentially volatile place once the ceremony begins at 11:30am ET (4:30pm GMT).

For those that want to feel like they are there in person without the hassle of a long, perhaps cross-continental trip or the throngs of Trump supporters, news network USA Today has decided to record the ceremony using 360 degree cameras and livestream the result in virtual reality on its YouTube channel.

The experiment comes as part of the network's "VRtually There" show which launched in October and will be available to view on any virtual reality headset that has access to the YouTube app. Nikon cameras on site will be providing coverage from the Capitol, the National Mall and along the inaugural parade route as VIP guests arrive and the live music performances start at 9:30am ET (2:30pm GMT).

Headsets that are instantly compatible include Google Daydream View, any Google Cardboard set and PlayStation VR (which updated its app to support YouTube 360 degree videos just yesterday), as they all have YouTube apps ready to go with the option to stream in VR/360 degrees. Samsung Gear VR owners can also follow a quick work-around to watch the show.

Those without compatible VR headsets can still watch USA Today's livestream in 360 degree video on a computer or mobile device. You can find the stream below: