A leopard has attacked and mauled four people after it wandered into a school in Guwahati, India on Sunday (November 12).

The incredible footage shows the agitated leopard lashing out from a classroom window as a crowd of jeering locals gathered outside.

A gang of workmen were inside the school at the time the animal attacked but no children were present.

Police believe the animal entered the empty school from a nearby mountain in search for prey.

The leopard was eventually captured after animal experts used tranquilisers to subdue it. It was then brought to Assam State Zoo without further injury. The entire incident took around an hour and a half.

"When some workers, along with a watchman, entered the school premises to do some construction work on Sunday, they spotted the leopard", a government spokesperson said to The Times of India.

"The locality is frequented by leopards from the nearby hills. Soon after a cry was raised by those who spotted the leopard, a huge crowd gathered at the spot, thus agitating the animal further."

The animal's victims are still recovering from their injuries in Gauhati Medical College Hospital but are believed to be out of danger.

"Large gatherings of onlookers are indeed a problem in such operations. The animal became stressed and got agitated, complicating our operation. Despite the commotion, our team successfully trapped the animal and brought it to the zoo", said Zoo divisional forest officer Tejas Mariswamy.