Grey's Anatomy season 12
Meredith tries to move on from Derek's death ABC

Meredith Grey is all set to move on from Derek Shepherd's death and the brutal attack by a patient. Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 14 will return this Thursday on ABC and fans can expect a lot of drama in Meredith, April and Jackson lives.

In the previous episode, Dr Grey and her team performed one of the most critical surgeries ever at the Bauer Army Medical Center on a cancer-stricken veteran. But before the surgery, the "dream team" had to deal with a furious surgeon, Major Eric Thorpe. However, post the success of the operation, he appeared more than impressed with Dr Grey and confessed that he wants to "follow up" with her. She gave her the hospital phone number, but when she realised that he was flirting with her, she hurries back to give him her personal number.

This has led fans to speculate that Meredith is finally moving on from her past and looking forward to start dating again.

The synopsis of episode 14 titled Odd Man Out reads as follows:

Richard throws everyone for a loop when he switches the resident and attending pairings, and Arizona takes a huge risk on a woman who is pregnant with quadruplets. Meanwhile, April is faced with a difficult decision.

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is more focused on April and Jackson as each episode is exploring the ups and downs in their complicated relationship. The couple divorced in the previous episodes and later April revealed that she is pregnant.

In episode 14, she will face another tough decision and it will be interesting to see how her pregnancy will affect Jackson who has already moved on in life.

Grey's Anatomy season 12 airs every Thursday on ABC network.