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A new video has showcased how the United Arab Emirates' futuristic Martian city, or the "City of Wisdom", might look like.

In February 2017, at the World Government Summit, the UAE unveiled plans to develop the first inhabitable human settlement on the Martian surface. The country intends to make that happen over the next 100 years and has already started working on a desert-based artificial Martian city to undertake initial research work on the grand project.

The full-scale mock-up of the Mars city gave a rough idea of what the UAE envisions for 2117, but now, a new video from WGS provides a detailed walkthrough of the futuristic city the country is planning to build on the Red Planet and that too in virtual reality.

The 360-degree video, which looks straight out of a video game, starts off with a futuristic holographic person greeting viewers and saying: "On behalf of the United Government of Mars, I would like to welcome you to your second home."

It then launches a spherical aircraft to reach the "city of wisdom".

During the short 2.5km ride, one can see insect-like robots working on the Martian surface. Soon, we arrive at a giant dome-like structure housing advanced labs, flying cars, and even an area with vegetation. Permanent residents of the city can also be seen walking around.

The video clearly looks appealing, but all of this is still far from reality. The UAE plans on working with scientists from different parts of the world to ensure life thrives on the Red Planet but hasn't built a rocket yet.

Just a few weeks ago, the country announced plans to send a probe to Mars to begin colonisation of the planet through agriculture in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The small probe would be sent with the help of Japanese space agency Jaxa by 2020.